foreignspell_colorfactoryNiki Baker is an artist, printmaker, illustrator, SF native, music zealot, animal lover, Francophile, proud former Seattleite, expert whistler, food & libation enthusiast and competent juggler.

I’ve been arting it up & obsessing over music forever. In 2006, I started exploring & putting to paper my visual reaction to music. Since 2012, I’ve been making stamps & pressing them to various surfaces. The inspiration for my work comes primarily from song lyrics, food & nature. Each item is hand-pressed one-by-one from hand-illustrated, hand-lettered, hand-burnished, hand-carved & hand-inked stamps made by me. I use locally-sourced & earth-friendly materials. Each print is unique & customizable. I take pride in touching every part of the process – from conception to shipping. I truly love custom work of all kinds, so please let me know if you have something in mind.

Feel free to contact me with any questions / advice / jokes / song requests – I’m happy to hear it all!

I HATE writing so there could be more, but this is it. 😀 | VISIT FOREIGNSPELL.COM



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